Friday, 21 September 2007

Q&B: The Showdown

This afternoon I have Darren from Q&B coming to look at the kitchen doors. I don't think I ever expected that we would make this much progress, and am a little overwhelmed.

I would appreciate your thoughts; please, if you are not doing so already, wear your lucky pants this afternoon.

My hope, such as remains of it, is that Darren will agree that the new door is different from the others; he will admit that there is a fault with the original doors (he described it over the phone as a 'feature', as though 'front of door peels off after 3 months' is up there with 'pleasant wood-effect' and 'modern style' when one purchases a kitchen). It is my hope that he will admit this and agree to getting all the doors replaced. Naturally, this puts me into another cycle of phoning warranty departments to get things delivered and fitted and so on, so I'm not calling this the finale yet.

There is also the matter of the old old doors (the ones which were originally replaced, and which are now sitting in my living room) and the cupboard sent by Steve several months back, which is doing likewise. If Darren knows what's good for him, he'll turn up on a bike - otherwise, should he be driving anything with any storage space at all, I am jammin' those doors and the cupboard in there and he is getting rid of them.

That reminds me, did I tell you someone stole my bike? Grrr...

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