Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Q&B, Part the Third

So on Friday I get home and there's a message on the answering machine, from Chrissie from Q&B Warranty Department. She has left a number and asks me to call her back. I call on Saturday and get no reply, so I call again yesterday and get to speak to Chrissie.

She wants to check that I still need the cupboard door. I detect in this that her expectation is that I DO still need the door, and this is a pleasing change of attitude, since everyone else seems to start by assuming that it has somehow magically appeared in my house and fitted itself, and then sound surprised and a little disbelieving when I say that it hasn't done so. I explain that I bought the door myself and got it fitted, but that it is different from all the other doors and I want someone out to look at it all. I also explained that I have phoned about 8 times and every time someone says they'll get back to me, and no one ever does.

Chrissie is very helpful and seems unsurprised by this. Which is unexpected. So she has emailed someone who will contact me and come out and see the kitchen to put it right.

After I hang up, I realise that I have once agreed to let them call me back. I never learn.

Incidentally, the building work is progressing well - I now have an extra room, although it does not yet have a roof. My mother has taken my father in hand and ordered him to stop phoning me every evening to find out what's been done and issue me with a new set of instructions, so that's good.

Spider-horse has not reappeared, and the builder claims he can pull strings in Phoenix and get the heating installed sooner (sooner, this is, than the 10 days promised). I have chosen my bathroom (this was not difficult, I want a bath, sink and toilet, in white, and quite small, so there was not much to be decided).

So things are looking up. Apart from, obviously, the rest of life, which is still causing stress. But at least I'll have heating again soon.

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