Sunday, 6 January 2013

In Which It Is Seen That I Have My Good Points.

Well, it's now been 11 days since the Big Engagement, and I'm pleased to say I've started to calm down.  Once or twice, I've been so tranquil as to almost have non-negative feelings about the event.

While it is clearly, in many ways, a curse to greet all happy events with terror and despair, I must also admit that it has its good points.

For instance, it is widely known that if you spring any kind of Joyous Event upon me, you must give at least 3 days' notice before expecting a positive reaction; by the time I re-surface, most of the celebrations have been and gone, so I'm useful as a kind of second-wave celebrant (I say 'celebrant'; that may be over-stating it a little, even after a few days in bed).  And once I DO get happy, I have stickability; I'll remain happy for a lot longer than those fly-by-nights who'll grin like Cheshire Cats at anything.  They'll move on to their next Good Thing; I've worked hard to get to this point, and I am sticking the HECK with it.

Also, I strongly believe that people who are happy upon command are shallower kinds of individuals; it takes Someone Special to become utterly destitute when anything good happens.  There is an (admittedly highly-strung) underground network of us anxious types, and we really are Quite Something.

Thirdly, I have always believed that everyone has to do a set amount of worrying in their lives.  I'm just getting mine out of the way in one large block of 35 years.  Come June, I'll be chilled out and unflappable.  You wait.

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