Sunday, 26 August 2012

An Advert I Don't Understand

There's an advert I don't understand at the moment.  Maybe y'all can help.  It's on the radio, and it's for a car.  It goes a bit like this:

Customer: I want to buy a car 
Salesman: This car has lots of extras, like SatNav and special brakes and stuff 
Customer: I don't need those, I have maps and I can stop by myself 
Salesman: Well, tough, it comes with them anyway 
Customer: How much for the car without the pointless extras? 
Salesman: It costs the same. You have to have the pointless extras.

I don't understand why I would buy this car, which I'm sure is otherwise very nice.

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Sean Dempsey said...

I rarely listen to the radio, but I was in the car today and heard it.

I took it to mean "We are selling you a car with a whole lot of crap you don't want" and wondered exactly the same thing!