Sunday, 6 November 2011

Some Things I Found On The Internet

Here are some things I found on the internet this week.

kimjongillookingatthings is a blog which shows Kim Jong-Il looking at things.  Actual genius.

Hyperbole and a Half is a blog you should all subscribe to.  NOW.  Go on.  I'll wait.  This particular post is all about depression, and is way better than anything else you will ever read on the subject.  Way better.  Also, on a vaguely similar note, this is very good.

I've recently discovered Relevant Magazine, which is a Christian magazine, but actually, like, quite good.  This week I liked this article, which is all about being a member of the local church, and sticking it out, and how people inevitably suck.  You should read it.

And I think that is all the things I found on the internet this week.

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