Sunday, 20 November 2011

An Open Letter To Northern Ireland Water

Dear Northern Ireland Water,

I noticed that you seem to be running a radio advert at the moment, in which you take the opportunity to tell us how bad it is to not have water, and to have burst pipes, and all manner of other Water-Related Bad Things which can happen when it gets cold outside.  I assume this is costing you a tidy sum, so I'm sure you will appreciate some feedback on how it's going.

Here's the thing.

We KNOW all about having no water, because last year you fecking left most of us without it for the best part of a week (and in many cases, you allowed the demonstration to go on for even longer).  We therefore KNOW that having no water is a Bad Thing, and that it means you can't flush the toilet or make a cup of tea, because we practiced having no water last year, and we practiced really really hard.

So, I have an idea.  Rather than spending lots of money telling us how bad it is to have no water, how about you spend the money in ensuring that this year we actually do have water?

Just a suggestion.

Thank you kindly,
(who admittedly did not go without water at all last year, due to staying with the parents, who had water throughout, but who nonetheless heard one or two people mentioning the inconvenience on Facebook, and the news, and on the phone and things)


Wondering said...

HI Sharon. I love you blog! Found a link to it on Virtual Methodist... So glad I did. You made me laugh out loud several times within the short time I've been lurking here.
Hang in there, keep writing, thinking, breathing... your fresh style and perspective and honesty is a real gift.

Wondering said...

I meant "your blog", of course. I wsn't actually calling you a blog! oh dear... just as well I'm not a bloke asking for a date!