Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Think Of This As A Tweet

I write to warn you all not to read Virtual Methodist's latest book.  Someone told me that they had heard someone say they'd heard on the grapevine that it is a repository of Heresy and Poor Doctrine(TM) and for this reason I am coming out now to condemn the book, the author, and all who read it.

It does not matter that I have not read this book; I know enough from the two sentences I heard to know that it is not of the Spirit, but is, in fact, a paving stone on the road to hell, and must be condemned by all Right-Thinking(TM) Christians(TM).  One need not allow for context, or the fraily of the grapevine when one comes across such blindingly obvious falsehood; when souls are at stake, knee-jerks are fine.

It does not matter that I am not being Very Nice when I condemn Virtual Methodist to hell for this, because Correct Doctrine is more important than Love. As Jesus famously said,
By this shall all men know that thou art my disciples, if thou hast dottedest all the i's and crossedest all the t's, and thou hast written them in big books and banged other people over the head with them

Nor does it matter that Virtual Methodist hasn't even written a book, because with all this publicity, when he does, it'll go viral, so he won't mind.

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Virtual Methodist said...

from the deepest pits of hell, I and my yet to be appointed publisher and accountant thank you.