Friday, 31 December 2010

New Year's Honours List 2010

So another year, another New Year's Honours List without my name on it.  Does anyone know how they decide these things?

Do they start with a list of categories, and then fill them with people?  'Cos if they do, there are some mighty odd categories.  "Services to cricket".  "Services to helping small children cross roads".  "Services to the distribution of milk".  But there's no "Services to snarky blogging", so you can't have one, WhyNotSmile. We don't care how much you did, how much you made us laugh, how much effort you put in to watching The Apprentice and then being sarcastic about it, that award is not on our list so you get NOTHING, although we may, at some point in the future, re-examine our extensive constitution and give due thought to recommending for consideration the addition of a category into which there is a small chance you will fall.   This is what we might call the "Virtual Methodist" approach to giving awards.

Or do they start with people who deserve awards and then make up categories for them?  Like you do for small children.  "Oh, that is the most... umm... colourful picture I have seen today!  What's it meant to be?"

Anyway, for a while now I've been meaning to compile a list of blogs I've started following, and decided I might as well kill two birds with one stone and post it as my New Year's Honours List.  I've left out all the 'Big Blogs' I follow, like Cake Wrecks and It's Lovely, I'll Take It, because we all know they're hilarious.

Services To Ulster Scots
This has to go to "1690 and all thon", a splendid foray into all things Pratestant, and chief organiser of the campaign to get Ballyhalbert made into the 2015 City of Culture.  Even though Ballyhalbert is right next to Ballysmile, and Ballysmile is better.  But still.  We'd get passing trade.

Services to Unpronounceable Blog Names
Not actually a new blog, but Zoomtard has moved over to what, in my head, I pronounce as Cream Tea, although it's some sort of Irish name and I should probably not be displaying my ignorance.  Anyway, I'm giving him an award so he can't get cross about it.

Services To Maths
I very much like New Math, which uses equations to explain how life works.

Services to Pretty Pictures
In much the same sort of vein, Information is Beautiful is a very splendid way of showing how things are.

Services to Funniness
Bresker is always good for a laugh.  Also he sent me a link to a thing, but I haven't listened to it yet.  But thanks.

Services to Always Being Quite Interesting
A friend recommended Tcsoko, which is another one I can't pronounce (in my head: Tea - Costco), and which is quite good.

So there you have it, and if your name's not there, it's not because I don't love you, it's just because I did this quite quickly and mainly wanted to mention blogs that aren't in my blog roll (must update that), and possibly also because you didn't give me an award.


Virtual Methodist said...

I consider myself duly chastened and will revise my "awards" appropriately in future...

Anonymous said...

I'm honoured to be honoured & to be found interesting. The name Tcsoko is not so intriguing when you realise I'm just lazy with dots - its just Tracey Carol Soko.

bresker said...

Thanks! It is probably too late to listen to the link.

hargaden said...

Creideamh is pronounced across the top of my site: k'r'ed'ev!

And thanks! :)