Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Latest Domestic Crisis

You'll remember the Q&B Saga. We all thought it was finished, but the snow has revealed otherwise.  Technically, it's not entirely their fault, but they started it.

When they were planning the kitchen, the process involved moving the sink a little to the left.  This seemed fine, but when it came to be executed, the washing machine ended up covering the stopcock thing that you use to turn the water off.  "Meh." I thought, "It's not like I'd know what to do with it anyway".

Fast forward a couple of years, and the tap starts dripping.  At first, it's quite a small drip, and then gradually, it gets bigger, until, two years later, it's really Quite Something.  I have a washer, but I can't change it until the water is switched off at the mains, and I can't do that because the stopcock is behind the washing machine (this is where the thing about whose fault it all is gets a little fuzzy, as it may be merely opportune that I can blame them for hiding a stopcock I don't know how to use anyway).

Then it snows and gets very cold.  So the drips are quite small, which means that they freeze quite easily; there are also quite a lot of them, and therefore they eventually club together and block the pipe out of the sink.  So, to summarise, the outlet pipe from the sink is frozen and the sink won't drain.

I'm on my own, as The Sister got laser eyes in yesterday and had to stay at The Boyfriend's overnight to make up for it.  There is a reasonable chance that it makes no difference whether she's here or not, of course.

Also, the bathroom light switch has stopped working.  I think the spring has broken.  It's stuck at off, which means I have to pee in the dark, but at least it's better on account of The Planet and so on.

So I need someone who could come and unblock the pipe and change the washer in the tap and fix the light, but as it's only 3 sleeps till Christmas, I can't be bothered thinking about it.  Also I have lots of work to finish before then.

So my main question is whether there is any danger in leaving the pipe frozen.  I suppose the difficulty is that it may have burst, and then thaw when I'm not here, but since I think it's frozen outside, that may not be a problem.  Also, it's not like it's a mains pipe, so there'd only be the water that's actually in it.  It wouldn't flood the whole house.

And all of this leaves out the question of whether there's enough anti-freeze in the car.  It was done in January, and I'm told it should last 2 years, so I think it's ok.

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