Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Oven, and A-Z

So last night I had some People round, and had put dessert in the oven, and was sitting chatting in the living room, when there is a large bang from the kitchen.

So I'm all like 'Wah!'.

And then someone else says they saw a flash.

So two of us hurried to investigate, and two remained behind in the living room where the sweeties were, but we'll leave them out for now because the point is what happened in the kitchen. So we realise the oven is off, and we connect the bang and flash with this. We open the oven, and a little smoke comes out - not a lot, like something's on fire, just a little, like something tried to be on fire and failed. The switch on the wall is switched on, but the red light is off, and the switch that the kettle goes into is also switched on but without red light.

So the two from the living room are summonsed, and generally we agree the fuse has gone. This does not, of course, account for smoke coming from the oven, which is likely to be the primary issue, but we know how to fix fuses and we don't know how to fix ovens, so we get some screwdrivers out and open the fuse box. We (I say 'we', but I was now well away and trying to prepare an alternative dessert (I say 'I' was trying; I mean Cath, with me watching and locating knives and things)).

After a time, Mark (who had Taken Things In Hand) dropped the spare fuse down a hole in the floor. Dave phoned his dad, who said to put the spare fuse in where the old one had been.

So we left it, and instead decided to make a list of things, from A-Z, that we would like to do sometime, and this proved much more productive.

Of course, I can't cook food any more, but I'm not that hungry anyway. In any case, since the oven was only installed 4 years ago, I'm thinking that if it's broken, I Have Rights, and the Q&B thing may re-open. Hard to say.


bresker said...

I think it's the element that has blown rather than the fuse.

whynotsmile said...

Oh. I see. And is that a bad thing? You mean the element in the oven? The fuse in the fuse box has definitely blown, but it is likely that something blew in the oven also, because of the smoke.

bresker said...

Yes, the element in the oven. It has shorted, and blown the fuse. That is my inexpert diagnosis

It's not too terrible

You can do it yourself for about £30, maybe. But hopefully your oven is still under warranty.

A mouse crawled up into the fuse box in my oven and died. Luckily I found it before it started to decay.

Anonymous said...


bresker said...

Lovely girls, but are they qualified oven engineers?