Monday, 4 January 2010

It Is Cold Today

So last night, my sister turned off the heating because it was getting Quite Warm in the house. But she turned it off off, not just off for now. So this morning it didn't come on. So she complained the house was cold, and then I explained what had happened, and she was sorry.

But then she went out, so I am in a cold house by myself. Although I have turned the heating back on, obviously.


Pippy Longstockings said...

I read that critique of the God Delusion. That was a superbly written and really intellectual article. The God Delusion has been reported as being pure rubbish and yet has sold hundreds of thousands of copies and yet I can't get my material published. Perhaps if I added 200 pages of sex scenes and another 200 pages of burning Bibles my next contribution to this blog would be done from my notebook whilst half-way over the Atlantic in my private jet. Such would be the international acclaim of my book.

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bresker said...

Yes, it is cold today.

Anonymous said...


whynotsmile said...

Phipster, you should start a blog. You have lots of time on your hands, you are good at writing, and it would give you exposure. Then you can receive links to Chinese porn sites too (big up to Amberly for that).

Bresker, 'tis.