Sunday, 16 August 2009

On The Photography Expedition, And How It Went

Well the secret photography location for the Tall Ships Parade of Sail turned out to be not so much 'secret' as 'being used as the Park & Ride car park', plus the whole thing got brought forward by an hour or so, due to the wind or something, without anyone telling me, so I turned up out of breath to a huge crowd of people just as the biggest boats sailed out of zoom range. Then it started raining.

Fortunately, the boats kind of came in 2 waves, as it were, so I caught the second lot and mighty fine the spectacle was too. I'll have lots of photos for you, but I have to sort through them first, so the WhyNotSmile Tall Ships Photo Souvenir Special Edition will not be published for a few hours yet.

In addition, my uncle has taken his boat up to the lough, with my dad and various others on board, so I may, in time, get more photos from them. Meanwhile, my mum is at home and thinks she can see Sagres coming - this is the one we were on, so it's particularly exciting.

Incidentally, does anyone know whether they broke the world record for the largest mass gathering of pirates yesterday? Tempting as it was to turn up with my laptop and start downloading & selling movies and music (get it? Pirates... but, like, software pirates?), my favourite suggestion was from Alan in Belfast, who was all for arranging for a load of people to turn up dressed as parrots and then walk away looking confused, but as he only came up with it last night over dinner, we'll have to wait till next time. Anyone up for it though?


Whitney said...

I'm in! Was fun to meet you the other night. I like your blog--very witty. :)

Alan in Belfast said...

Saturday's night's news said that they hadn't rounded up the 1,500 they needed for the record - but sounded like they'd had fun trying.