Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Invitation Gets Even Better

Further to yesterday's invitation to the thing in my church, things have improved considerably; as of tonight, WhyNotSmile is now one of the Main Speakers at this Sunday's event. Nothing like a good couple of weeks' notice to prepare my profound, touching and yet theologically accurate thoughts, huh? Never mind trying to jam them all into 5 minutes. Because we all know that what matters in talks is how many points are jammed in. Maybe I'll do a PowerPoint too, that always helps. I'll add a different transition to each slide, and a sprinkling of animated GIFs and naff Christian art. Do come, it'll be great.

Speaking of Christian art, my flatmate and I were talking about that earlier. You know that Sacred Heart picture that Catholics always have and Protestants are always a bit freaked out by? With alabaster-skin Jesus holding two fingers of one hand in the air while using the other hand to pull back his robe and reveal what appears to be a glowing kidney? My flatmate wants someone to do one with Jesus doing the Vulcan Salute. It is not disrespectful for her to want that, because she's Catholic, and also Presbyterian.

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fish or fowl said...

can one be catholic and also presbyterian? isn't that fish and fowl?