Saturday, 15 November 2008

On a Quiz and Wallpaper

So Mama Smile is visiting this weekend and we are having quite a time of it. I thought she was coming mainly so she could go shopping in the City Centre today, and was also coming along to our church quiz last night, but it transpired that in addition to these things there was DIY to be done.

Now, you may be thinking that since I am almost constantly doing DIY my house must be a palace by now, but in fact we have, I think, completed the full circle and started from the beginning again. So we're doing up the office/study/box room, and I was hauled off to Homebase to look for wallpaper. This was not a success, as the place was quite messy and they didn't have much within our price range.

So we came home and scraped the old wallpaper off instead.

Anyway, we ('Cuthbert and the Bs') then went to the quiz, which was lots of fun, and came a quite impressive second pace. As well as the two of us, the team consisted of Alex and Leona (from old work) and John (from church), as well as the mascots, Cuthbert and the Bs (Bunty and Bungee). Virtual Methodist was next to us and on the winning team; I spent much of the evening deciding whether to go and introduce myself, but he seemed to be deep in conversation every time I looked, so I shall remain anonymous for now.

This morning dawned bright and early and we went off to Q&B to buy wallpaper. Now you can say what you like about Q&B (as we well know), but they do a fine range in wallpaper.

So Mama Smile has now gone into the City Centre to meet Sister, and I am left in peace and supposed to be stipping wallpaper, but am actually writing this and about to have lunch.

First, though, I think I will eat the sweets I got last night: the winning team were very generous and shared their prize amongst everyone, which was nice, and probably more than Cuthbert and the Bs would have done.

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Virtual Methodist said...

Oh you should have come and said "Bout ye!"