Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Broadband has landed

Well, the Broadband stuff has arrived (right about the same time that Jayspero and kids turned up, so it was a little bit eclipsed), and been set up and activated, and WhyNotSmile now has free right to roam the internet.

This is very exciting, because I have only ever had dial up at home, and therefore free, speedy access was limited to the library (in 1 hour slots, which had to be made to look at least vaguely useful), and work (where, technically, I was meant to be working).

So, what does one do on the internet? I've never really explored YouTube, so that might be the first port of call. But what else is out there? All suggestions are welcome: it'll be like another holiday.

In any case, I have no anti-virus stuff yet (I have the disc, but I was too excited about getting online to wait for it to install), so I'll likely be wiped off the face of the planet before I get to do anything.

Anyway, I'm off to explore...

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