Monday, 19 August 2013

Holiday Bible Club Update: Day One

Well, we had our first craft fail of Holiday Bible Club. Basket weaving. With 4-year-olds. The Book assured me that it was all quite simple, and you just had to weave strips of paper together, perhaps 'dabbing a bit of glue on here and there to hold the strips in place while you weave'. Lies. Turned out you had to staple the thing to within an inch of its life to stop it unraveling all over the floor, and when you only have one stapler with a decent supply of staples, and you have 13 children, this is Not Good. Two of the children gave up entirely half way through, and just wrapped the strips of paper round their necks to make necklaces. They are my new favourite people in the world.

So tomorrow we're scaling things back a bit on the craft front, and just doing salt dough. I've still had no feedback from anyone who actually knows how this works, but I figure that it'll just be like cutting out cookies until the point where we have to bake it, and I'm not doing the baking bit, so *meh*.

On the plus side, they all enjoyed the story of Moses, and the two boys who had to act the part of bulrushes (because I forgot to make bulrushes, because REASONS) did very well.

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