Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Young Apprentice 2011: Week 1

I know I said I mightn't do this, but I'm here on the basis that:

1. I watched it so I might as well jot down some thoughts
2. I've only watched it once, and I didn't take notes, so it might not be accurate
3. You're not to assume I'll do this every week.

Are we all on board with that?

Great. So we have the usual intros to the various forms of obnoxious that we'll come to know and love, and then it's off to the board room to meet Lord Sugar. I can't tell you how much security is brought back to my life with the sight of him sitting there, grinning, with Nick and Karren on his flanks. Then he tries to be cool and down wiv da kidz, and fails, but since none of these kidz are down wiv da rest ov da kidz, it's fine.

First crisis is the two Harrys, because How Will We Tell Them Apart? Lord Sugar comes up with a master plan - let's call one of them Harry H, and the other Harry M. "So 'oo wants ta be 'Arry H?" he asks, jocularly. The one whose surname starts with H solemnly sticks up his hand, and the first decision of the day is made.

The task is to make frozen treats, by which, it transpires, we mean ice cream and stuff.

On the boys' team, the Northern Irish one (James, possibly) stamps all over everyone, and then they all refuse to lead. They suggest and then bicker over a range of crappy team names, before landing on something which I've since put out of my mind. James wants to make frozen yogurt and dress as pirates and then call it Shiver Me Timbers, which is actually not bad.

The girls are all hysterical; I assume they choose a name and a leader, but in all honesty it was too high-pitched for me to hear. They're making ice cream and calling it something stupid like "taste and thin" because everyone nowadays is obese but they also want to eat ice cream.

Next, they have to make the stuff. The boys leave a tap open in their big ice cream mixy bowl, and milk goes everywhere. The girls demonstrate their incompetence at maths and then don't buy enough bananas (although they do get them for £2.50 instead of £3. Mad skillz).

Somehow, they all make ice cream and frozen yogurt and stuff, and some of it is fit for consumption, and some is not entirely rancid.

Day 2, and they're on the beach. One of the boys freaks out because their ice cream stand says "Shiverrr Me Timbers", with 3 'r's, and he's worried people will think they can't spell. They can sell ice cream, though, mainly because they only charge a quarter of what normal people would charge.

Not so the girls, who have hiked prices up and are even charging for the cones. Their approach is to lure in small children, as if they want an ice cream, make it anyway, add all the toppings, and then chase the parents until they can rip all their money out of their hands.

Mind you, it works, because they win, and get to go zorbing, whereas the boys are off to Le Cafe De Sadness, where they all try to claim credit for everything.

A small chap called Mahamed gets fired, and his eyes go really really really small.

Next week: something to do with babies, I think


Fat Dormouse said...

Sorry, WNS, you have started so you HAVE TO finish! I loved reading your Apprentice summaries (often I enjoyed them more than the episodes themselves) so I'm overjoyed to find you offering Young Apprentice summaries too.
We wondered if the Irish James was trying to channel Jedi Jim when whoever was the team leader said he'd bring James back into the Board Room
"Why? I did the best. I had the ideas etc etc." he said. But his voice Wasn't Quite Right...

Anyway. Don't forget. We have a rendez vous next week...

whynotsmile said...

I feared this would happen.

Yes, I think James was going for a Jedi Jim moment, but he couldn't pull it off. He lacks the scary eyes.

Fat Dormouse said...

Taps foot...looks at watch...sighs heavily. I'm waiting...

:-) Not really!

I quite enjoyed this episode, but was desperate for Not-Jedi James to go. He's really getting on my wick. I felt it was a tad unfair to fire Wotsisname though - we thought Nick was sticking up for him with his "Maybe he's not been given the chance to shine yet..." coment.

I rather thought the Team Leader on the girls' side was a bit like the Gloved Lady (as you can tell, I'm useless at names) from the Growed Up version as well. She was as rubbish at pitching as the Glove Lady was!

I think the Young Apprentice house is much nicer looking than the Growed Up Apprentice house was. What do you think?