Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Another tremendous Tesco offer

You remember that thing a while back about the Bran Flakes in Tesco?  Where it was cheaper to buy more of them than less of them?

Today's offer:

I did spend some time trying to figure out whether the two prices refered to 2 different types of bread, or something, but I couldn't see that they did.

That being said, I didn't spend too long, as I'd already been hanging about trying to take the photo.


Simon said...

This isn't too unusual. Although it seems absurd at least it is explicit. Next time you are buying a larger and supposedly better value pack of something check out the price per unit. I bet far more people are getting caught out on that one.

Simon said...

Actually I just noticed the little bit of text above the picture that I failed to notice first time around ... reading this it sounds like you are already familiar with the price per unit scam!