Tuesday, 3 August 2010

On Having a TV Again

I may have mentioned before that I have not had a TV license for about 7 years.  This has meant that I can watch things on iPlayer, as long as they're not live, but I can't watch anything live.  Now this was all well and good, but now that Sister Smile has moved in, it has become An Issue.

Until today, we basically worked our way through our DVD collections, and those of our friends, which meant: Friends, West Wing and Cold Feet.  Sister Smile limited herself to Friends, and, as you can imagine, after a year of nothing else, was fairly fed up with it.

So she got a TV license.

So now we have Freeview.  I came in yesterday, and Big Brother was on.  I'm fairly sure that was one of the shows which prompted me to get rid of the tv in the first place, so to discover (1) it's still on, (2) it's what we're chosing to watch, and (3) it hasn't got any better, was, as should be painfully clear, a Surprise.  Then we watched some adverts.

Then this evening we watched Friends.

So that's been worth 140 quid.

1 comment:

bresker said...

You haven't missed much, really.

And no-one watches Big Brother any more but they persist with it.