Saturday, 27 March 2010

A survey, out of curiosity

We all love Countdown, of course. We're not just so keen now that Richard and Carol have gone, but at the end of the day it's still better than all other afternoon TV, combined.

One of the particular pleasures is when you can make rude words out of the letters, not that WhyNotSmile would do that. The greatest pleasure, however, is reserved for those times when the letters come out in an order that makes the rude word irresistable, even to Aunt Maud.

My question today is, what would you do if you were on Countdown and this happened? Presumably rude words are allowed - I believe that the requirement is merely inclusion in Susie's dictionary - so you could be on a winner. Now if there was a word of equivalent length, you'd probably choose that instead, but what if there wasn't?

To be honest, I think I'd go with the swear word. But what does everyone else think?

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Alan in Belfast said...

If the rude word was the longest available, then why not. It's only a word. The context is usually what makes it rude.