Sunday, 7 February 2010

A Slightly Worrying Development

I've spent most of the past week at Kingdom Come, which will be blogged about in due course, but today I wish to register a concern. Apparently, mysterious lights have been seen over Belfast. Now, most of you will have heard of the giant meteorite which fell to the ground from the sky above Ireland during the week, and initally I was happy that these lights are in some way connected.

However, today I was told that they have been seen, not just over Belfast, but over my street. That's right: actually over Smile Street. Frankly, this has freaked me out. It's all well and good when mysterious lights are appearing over other people's houses; we are all quite capable of distinguishing that kind of light from an alien invasion, but now that they're over my. actual. house, I'm less confident.

Anyway, if I disappear, you'll know what happened. Please tell the police.

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