Wednesday, 9 December 2009

This Is Not Just A Parcel, This Is An M&S Parcel

Today I had to collect a couple of items I had ordered online from Marks & Spencer, to pick up in the shop. So I go there, and get the parcel. Here it is (Cat & Elephant shown for comparison):

It seemed quite big, I thought. So I opened it up. Here are the contents:

Essentially, a lot of brown paper, the invoice, a thing about birthday cards or something, and a smaller box. This is the smaller box:

And this is the contents of the smaller box, which is what I had actually ordered:

So, this is all the not-completely necessary stuff which accompanied my parcel:

So it is a good thing that they have reduced their packaging in an attempt to save the planet.


Anonymous said...

Cat's expressions say it all... He simply can't believe the waste.. Or is that product health and safety? Or do you have particularly clumsy postpeople?

whynotsmile said...

Yes, I liked Cat's expressions. He enjoyed the massive pile of packaging at first, you can tell, but then he realised about the waste and was astounded.

It didn't come via post (I picked it up in M&S), so I assume it's some form of mania.

bresker said...

I just bought a giant stuffed goose off ebay.

(Not sage and onion stuffing, but soft toy stuffing.)

It came in two plastic bags.

I suppose one would have done.

I may take a photo of the goose.

It is for my neice.

whynotsmile said...

Please take a photo of the goose, and the plastic bags, for comparison.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I recently ordered a birthday present for my niece from the very fine Emma Bridgewater on line store. The box that arrived is I am sure at least one foot high. The actual item... only several inches tall.