Sunday, 29 March 2009


Honestly, you think people would have more respect. You crash on to the blog scene, you get your pat on the back, you get people spreading the word and then you go and change your fecking* blog name.

So Wesley Johnston's Blog has now been renamed 'Dotted White Line', and the list to the left is about to be ammended accordingly.

* 'fecking' is not a Bad Word. It is not etymologically related to any similar words, and is used in Ireland as a mild expletive. According to Wikipedia. Clearly true, then.


Anonymous said...


"The ASA said the phrase is suitable to be used in public. The regulators said: "The use of the word 'feck' in Britain has been popularised by TV programmes such as Father Ted. We considered that the tone of the ad was not aggressive or threatening. The term 'feck' was unlikely to be seen as a swear word."

as read on

whynotsmile said...

Yes. Wikipedia Knows.

Anonymous said...

on a similar vein...