Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Summer Holiday: Sign Up For A Postcard

WhyNotSmile's summer holiday in Belfast is to take place next week. A full itinery will hopefully be posted soon. Attractions to be visited include St Anne's Cathedral, Clonard Monastery and the Laganside Art Trail.

The holiday will take place over 3 (not necessarily consecutive) days and will happen at a leisurely pace.

However, I mention this now because I would like to give you the opportunity to sign up to receive an exclusive WhyNotSmile holiday postcard - a genuine postcard from Belfast, written and posted by WhyNotSmile. I expect demand to be high, so only the first 10 people to sign up will receive a postcard. You can sign up by leaving a comment below; if I don't know your address (or you think I don't) then either leave it below or email/facebook message me with the details.


whynotsmile said...

Christine, registered your address and deleted it so you don't get nutters turning up at your house!

Leona said...

Hi Sharon... please can I get a postcard, or am i too late? This is such a good idea! Hope you have fun xox

whynotsmile said...

Hi Leona, of course you can have a postcard. I don't know your home address, so I'll send it to work unless you email me otherwise!

Leona said...

got postcard today.. thank you!