Sunday, 18 May 2008

Things That Baffle Me: #3, Frequent Window-Cleaning

I read something in the paper today that disturbed me a bit. It was an advert for some window-cleaning stuff which is so good that you only have to clean your windows once a year.

It had never, and I mean Not Once, occurred to me to clean my windows more than once a year.


QMonkey said...

maybe its a bit like 'moist' toilet paper... no one thinks it at all necessary.. until some marketing guy decides to tell us it is... his hope is that in no time you'll be looking with disgust at people who don't use it. (tangent?)

im with you... once or twice a decade for window cleaning

Anonymous said...

maximise light and avoid SAD I say... once a month for me (ok intention vs action = about once a season)