Friday, 25 April 2008

The Big Announcement

So WhyNotSmile is about to be unemployed (although gainfully so, I hope) owing to my bosses deciding that they can't afford me any more (who can? - but that's the price of celebrity). So this is quite nice, since I didn't really like the job anyway, but on the other hand it did provide a convenient source of free internet access which was frequently abused in order to update the blog, and this will surely be missed.

Of course I will be looking for a new job some time (although not yet), and in case any future potential employers decide to track me down via Facebook and then The Blog, I didn't really abuse free internet access in work in order to update my blog; my company (bless them, lovely people) allowed me to use the internet, within reason, during lunch hours for my own personal purposes. But it's not comedy to say it like that, so I said I abused it. Not that I go around saying things just to be funny; I am, at heart, a genuine, honest and reliable employee, with good interpersonal and communication skills, a self-starter, who works well alone or as part of a team. Don't let the blog put you off.


Leona said...

I will vouch for Sharon - she is the best employee ever and I can't believe they are actually letting her go... Really going to miss you Sharon xo

whynotsmile said...

Thanks Leona!! I'm going to miss you too! Do you want my pink stationery set? I inherited it from Leah when she left; I will pass it on to you.