Wednesday, 21 March 2007

What I did this weekend

So, the question is, what to write for my first proper blog entry... The difficulty is, I've been away for a few days and hence not had much time for serious thinking. However, I did finish reading 'Prayer', Philip Yancey's latest book, and was really impressed by it. I'll get a few quotes together for the next entry.

I've just had a good weekend though - I was visiting Claire, who lives in York, and amongst other things I did the following:
1. Taught Claire to do cross stitch - which she picked up very impressively.
2. Watched 'The Notebook' - which unfortunately started skipping about an hour in, and didn't sort itself out until 15 minutes from the end... so methinks I'll take a little trip to Xtravision some night and see what I missed. What I saw was very good though.
3. Attended my first ever Roman Catholic Mass - very exciting for me! It was very enjoyable; I like the sense of majesty and wonder that it evokes - different from my usual Sunday service, and lots of things to make me think.
4. Visited the National Railway Museum.
5. Remembered how much I like English pubs. Especially ones with cats wandering about while I eat dinner. Why can't we have nice pubs in Belfast?
6. Bought a book of Japanese logic puzzles. Some of you will not understand how exciting this is. Or how little spare time I will have for the next few weeks.
7. Got a bus to myself on the way there (Leeds Airport->York), a bus to myself on the way back (apart from the driver obviously) and 2 seats to myself on the plane home.
8. Discovered that York is officially the second city of England (or something like that).
9. Watched the France-Scotland match in disbelief/panic/fear and trembling.

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