Saturday 6 September 2008


Richard Dawkins makes me want to pray, the same as Homer Simpson makes me want to exercise - for fear that I, too, will end up like him, a whining pub bore with the prose style of an internet conspiracy theorist.

(Frank Cottrell Boyce, The Guardian)


Anonymous said...

Someone accused me once of ‘going on about religion’ because deep down I fear there might actually be something in it. A hard accusation to disprove/refute …. So I’m gonna chuck it at you re: Dawkins :)

ScatterCode said...

I think there might indeed be something in Dawkins. Like intestines and stuff.

But that's not why I go on about him. I've been quite quiet on him recently, in fact. Almost an amnesty. And I needed a break from it.

Anonymous said...

I find William Crawley's assessment of Dawkins to be a closer representation of the impression i have got of him.. on TV etc. I feel many faith-people get riled by anyone daring to assertively point to the emperors lack of clothes... and end up 'playing the man' rather than engaging with the argument

"Many people have asked me how I found Richard Dawkins when we met in Oxford. Plainly some expect him to say 'Good morning' with a combative tone of voice. In fact, if anything he appeared personally quite shy; he was generous with his time and charming throughout. Richard obviously enjoys a good argument, as do I, which makes for an interesting encounter" - Crawley

ScatterCode said...

I agree, actually - I think Dawkins is probably a fairly nice guy in real life - by all accounts fairly reserved.

Very different from his public persona.